How to Register an Imported Car in Japan

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    Jerry Herman

    *Proof of USFJ personnel (ID CARD) must register with DBIDS*
    1. a. E-4 and below /or civilian equivalent must have an approved request form (CFAY-4651/2) from their CO
    and CFAY approving officer.
    b. An approved command request chit from their respective CO’s. Family entry approval letter or page 2
    (for Active duty)
    c. An employment letter must state your pay grade and number of dependents (for U.S. civilian).
    d. Registered with DBIDS.
    NOTE: Single E-4 and below/or civilian equivalent are not authorized to purchase or register a vehicle.
    1. Obtain a driver’s license at license office. *2nd driver’s license is required when registering 2nd vehicle.
    2. Obtain Customs form 380EJ (Contact International Auto Logistics / Tel# 098-989-6817)
    a. If the car was manufactured after April 1976, you must get an exhaust gas emission test in Tokyo. It
    costs about 200,000 yen. Contact JATA (phone: 0425-44-1004) to obtain the application form.
    b. If the car was manufactured after April 2010, you also have to have an additional test for noise
    emission. This test is conducted in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo. It costs about 100,000 yen.
    c. You can take the car to the emission test place(s) after you complete step #5 below.
    3. Obtain Japanese Compulsory Insurance (JCI) for more than 37-38 months and Liability Insurance for a
    minimum period of 12 months.
    4. Take form 380EJ and insurance certificates to Yokosuka City Hall (1st floor) to obtain a temporary license
    plate (750 yen). Then go to VRO if you need a temporary pass.
    5. Take the National Agency of Vehicle Inspection (NAVI) application form, the original certificate for
    exhaust emission test (if applicable), noise emission test (if applicable) and the customs form 380EJ along
    with the other requirements (see “Requirement of application document for imported vehicle”) to LTO (first
    floor of Bldg.1) for pre-inspection.
    NOTE: The car does not need to go to LTO at this time. Make sure you keep the copy of the certificates
    for any emissions tests.
    6. Mail the following documents to the Recycle center to pay the recycling fee:
    a. Application form (can be obtained from VRO), copy of 380EJ form, copy of NAVI
    b. form stamped by LTO and copy of the result of any emission tests
    NOTE: It takes about 2-3 weeks to receive the recycle receipt.
    7. Obtain a parking certificate (see ‘How to obtain a parking certificate’)
    8. Get safety inspection at the Military Car Care Center for safety inspection or another equivalent.
    9. Go to VRO and obtain registration paperwork with all of the original items above.
    NOTE: Anyone other than the sponsor must bring an original Power of Attorney.
    10. Go to Yokohama LTO with the car and paperwork.
    11. Go to Yokosuka City Hall. Return temporary plate on the 1st floor.
    12. Go back to VRO to get Decal.

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