How to buy a Privately Owned Vehicle without Plates

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    Jerry Herman

    *Proof of USFJ personnel (ID CARD) must register with DBIDS*
    1. a. E-4 and below /or civilian equivalent must have an approved request form
    (CFAY-4651/2) from their CO and CFAY approving officer.
    b. An approved command request chit from their respective CO’s and updated
    page 2 (for Active duty)
    c. An employment letter must state your pay grade and number of dependents.
    (for U.S. civilian)
    *SingleE-4 and below/or civilian equivalent are not authorized to purchase or
    register a vehicle.
    2. Obtain a valid driver’s license (USFJ Form 4).
    *2nd driver’s license is required when registering 2nd vehicle.
    3. Obtain a parking certificate (see ‘How to obtain a parking certificate).
    *For yellow plate car, a parking certificate is required after step number 10.
    4. Obtain title and bill of sale from dealer.
    5. Obtain Japanese Compulsory Insurance (JCI) and liability insurance least 12
    6. Obtain Temporary Plates at Yokosuka City Hall (1st floor).
    7. Go to Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) to get a temporary base pass.
    8. Get safety Inspection at U.S. Military Car Care Center or Yobiken from the dealers
    9. Go to VRO and obtain registration paperwork.
    10. Go to Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Yokohama with the vehicle.
    11. Return temporary plates to Yokosuka City Hall and receive a receipt of temporary
    *If it is a motorcycle or a yellow plate car, the buyer must go to LTO first, then
    proceed to Yokosuka City Hall (2nd Floor), to register ownership of road tax.
    12. Go back to VRO with all vehicle paper from LTO and a receipt of returning
    temporary plates, and obtain Base Decal.
    *Anyone other than the sponsor must have an original Power of Attorney

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