Camp Zama: Purchasing a POV from a Japanese (Non-SOFA)

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    Purchasing a POV from a Japanese (Non-SOFA)
    Source with License Plates
     Obtain a copy of the title and go to any insurance company to buy Liability
    Insurance. Liability Insurance will vary based on your age and rank and will range
    from ¥16,700 to ¥41,900 for six months of coverage. One year of Liability
    Insurance is available, but is based on rank and age.
     Go to the Camp Zama Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) (Bldg. 227) where the
    staff will prepare and insure you have all the required documents. You will need:
    o ID card
    o USFJ driver’s license
    o Original title
    o Proof of JCI (insurance)
    o Proof of Liability Insurance
    o Bill of sale (Jyoto-sho)
    o Power of Attorney (Inin-jyo) from the seller
    o Seal Certificate (Inkan-shomei) from the seller
    o (Your house/apartment rental contract if living off base)
    ** If you live off-post you must also bring your housing contract or a
    document that shows your Japanese address. Depending upon
    where your house/apartment is located, you may also need to
    obtain a parking certificate for ¥2,600 from the police station that
    has jurisdiction over your parking space. If you need a parking
    certificate you must take a photocopy of your parking space rental
    agreement to your local police station, pay your fee, and then pick
    up the completed document on the designated date.
     Proceed to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) with your documents to register
    your vehicle. Fees will include:
    o ¥2,800 transaction fee
    o ¥1,440 for local area license plates
    o ¥7,500 to ¥19,000 based on your car’s weight.
    o (For a mini car you will pay ¥6,800 total at the Mini Car Office and
    motorcycles are about ¥5,000)
    o (If the value of your vehicle is more than ¥500,000, you will also pay an
    acquisition tax of 5 percent of the ledger price).
     Return to the VRO within five (5) working days with all documents to complete onpost registration and get your USFJ Form 15A decal.

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